We look forward to connecting single parents with our church, in a supportive environment to uplift the spirit of the struggling single mothers through the provision of basic tangible needs and mentorship while heightening and bringing awareness of their struggles in our communities.


Our mission at S.H.E. ministry is to encourage, support, empower, and renew hope for single parent, who are struggling with the day to day life of managing a household on their own.

We aim to accomplish this by assisting in areas of food, clothing, childcare, mentorship, as well as community service.

  • Provide school supplies for children going back to school
  •  Provide childcare for single mothers to go on job interviews, appointments
  • Assist with special occasions and events such as Christmas and Birthdays
  • Supplement the household with food pantry
  • Provide an opportunity for fellowship and networking thru social events
  • Provide mentorship and counseling
  • Assistance thru the Mighty Men Handyman Network
  • Assistance thru the Clothing Network
  • Provide a safe non-judgmental environment for single mothers to feel enlightened and uplifted.
  • Assistance with childcare such as babysitting through the God Family

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