The edifice of New Testament Temple was acquired thirteen years ago from an organization known as the Jewish Center of Violet Park. The building was originally a Synagogue for the Jewish congregation that once lived in the surrounding area. It is immediately evident to everyone that sees the Temple that its architecture reflects its Jewish heritage.

The acquisition of this building was a very significant achievement. First, because of the grand style of its architectural amenities, which sets it apart as one of the most outstanding houses of worship in the Bronx. Second, the congregation that now worships at the Temple is one that is rich in culture and diversity, comprised mostly of immigrants from the Caribbean and Africa, as well as Americans of African descent.

The diversity of the New Testament Temple congregation is extremely significant as it highlights the fact that various immigrants have established solid roots in the New York area and are becoming a vibrant force for community stabilization and enhancement. This is a testament to the fact that although immigrants often face an “uphill climb” when coming to this country, with hard work and determination, it is possible to succeed.

Since the time of the acquisition of the Synagogue, the pastor and members of New Testament Temple have labored tirelessly to improve the structure. In the past years we have managed to repair and paint all interior walls and floors. We have upgraded the heating system. This included the installation of a new boiler. We have paved and fenced the parking lot, upgraded the electrical system and installed central air conditioning in the building. The air conditioning unit has been incorporated into a cross suspended from the ceiling. We have padded our pews and installed a state of the art sound system that has recording capabilities. We give thanks to God, commend ourselves and encourage everyone to keep up the good work. We also wish to thank everyone for his or her contributions to this ministry. Your effort is a tribute to our entire people and reflects positively on the whole African-American community as well as the entire immigrant community of New York.

The future is bright as we intend to expand and upgrade our facilities to meet the growing demands of our faith community.  Stay connected.