Discipleship Training Institute is structured to take new converts deeper into the word and further  connect their commitment to Christ. During the preliminary teaching sessions the new believer learns about spiritual warfare, the armor of God, how to resist and overcome temptation and how to deal with the attacks of the evil one. After completing the connecting process, the new disciple enters another phase of training which consists of three ten week trimesters of study. Participants are taught how to become a leader, evangelism, courtship, abundant life, etc. During the second trimester, the student is encouraged to open their own cells while continue meeting in their original cells. The goal is to become a leader of a cell group.

As a disciple progresses through DTI, he or she opens his or her own cell and begins to develop twelve people taking them through each step of the process of the vision and eventually sending them to make their disciples.

The Discipleship Training Institute is made up of the following schools:

NTT-DTI School of Encounter
NTT-DTI School of Leadership
NTT-DTI School of FISH
NTT-DTI School of Theology
NTT-DTI School of Administration
NTT-DTI School of Teaching
NTT-DTI School of Prophecy
NTT-DTI School of Evangelism
NTT-DTI School of Healing
NTT-DTI School of Prayer
NTT-DTI School of Worship
NTT-DTI School of Music
NTT-DTI School of Specialized Ministry