SISDONNADonna Ferguson

Donna Ferguson has been a member of New Testament Temple, C.O.G, since 2000. She serves in various capacities. Currently Donna is the Administrative Director of DTI (Discipleship Training Institute), Church Treasurer, Children’s Sunday School Administrator, and a Cell Group Leader.

As DTI Administrative Director, she oversees all aspects of training in the Church.  This includes pre-encounter, encounter and post-encounter classes, membership training and the Discipleship Training classes.  We currently runs nine classes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

As Children’s Sunday School Administrator, Donna oversees the operation of five classes for students ranging from Pre-K to High Schools. She performs this duty under the Children Ministry with a team of ten teachers.  In the capacity of Treasurer, Donna oversees the operations of the financial area of the church. In this role, she works with a team of four. Donna was instrumental in the launch of Home Cell Groups and has accepted the call to host a group in her home in Brooklyn, NY.

In her professional life, she has been working in the nonprofit environment for over twenty-five years as an accountant. Donna is currently the Chief Financial Officer of a nonprofit organization in NYC.

Donna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. Donna strives to give her best at all times. She takes seriously each and every role and carries them out with care and diligence regardless of whether it is a religious or secular role. She is very passionate about her personal relationship with God and demonstrates great compassion for Gods’ people.

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