It is often said, “life is a journey.”  When you made a conscious decision to accept Jesus Christ you became a new creation (2Cor 5:17).  Now you are in the kingdom of God and your journey in Christ begins.  You are now on a super highway headed towards freedom in body, soul and spirit.  You have the capacity to receive and retain the values and virtues of your Heavenly Father because you are transformed from a person without the spirit to a person with the spirit (1 For 2:14)

We have carved out for you a clear path to lead and guide you into all truth.  It is designed to help you as you begin the journey of your new life in Christ.  The Cross of Jesus Christ is central to the Christian faith so you will find it to be the unifying theme for the first phase of your journey.

  • We are going to remind you of the journey of the Children of Israel out of Egypt and help you to connect that historical fact to your journey out of sin.
  • We are going to guide you through the Word of God to see the Children of Israel as they attempted to enter the promised land and connect you to the promises of God for your life.
  • We will help you to grasp the full measure of healing and deliverance available to you in the Word of God
  • We will take you on a journey to the cross (Preparation for Encounter God retreat)
  • We are going to take you on a journey through the cross ( Encounter God Retreat – A life changing experience at a weekend retreat )
  • We are going to take you on a journey with the cross ( Eight classes with power packed words of faith to sustain you on your journey)