Experience freedom from unresolved issues by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The cry of the human heart is for freedom, healing, wholeness and a lifestyle of peace, joy and fulfillment.  If you have accepted Jesus Christ you are a new creation and this new life is your birthright as a child of God.  Secretly you may be wondering if you are the only one who is not finding what you desperately seek.  You are taught that Jesus came to give you an abundant life; yet many of you are not experiencing it.  Why?  Find real answers at an “Encounter with God Freedom Weekend.”  This encounter helps believers remove the constraints, the barriers, the unseen roadblocks that keep us from moving into our full destiny in our personal lives, in our families, and fulfilling our mission in the Kingdom of  God.  Jesus came to heal the broken hearted, bring freedom to the captives, and set at liberty those who have experience oppression.  The Encounter with God Freedom Weekend lays a strong Biblical foundation for deliverance and inner healing, charts the path for freedom for every attendee and provides an opportunity within a group setting.  Throughout the weekend men, women and young people experience both truth encounters and power encounters with God that move the participants to new freedom and wholeness.

The encounter helps you to discover the answers to these and many other questions:

  • Why do I struggle with the same problems again and again?
  • Why are there barriers I can’t get over?
  • What are these negative patterns I see in my family line?
  • How can I get over this anger I feel all the time?
  • Can I truly be healed from the hurts in my life?
  • Is it possible to truly let go of the past?
  • What are strongholds and how do they develop?
  • Why do I do the very things I say I would never do?

What are others saying about the Encounter?

I feel much better”

“My husband noticed the change immediately”

“My mind is much more at peace”

“I had no idea how angry I was”

“I want all my family and friends to experience what I experienced”