You would have completed the first phase of your journey in Christ and your perspective is changing.  You have experienced healing, peace with God, family and friends.  There is definitely change in your life.  By now you are an active part of a cell group that loves you.  You are growing daily in your commitment and desire to please God.  You are well on the way to a fulfilling, fruitful life in the kingdom of God.

You are now enrolled in our Discipleship Training Institute (DTI).  By enrolling you are proving your desire to learn more about God and His ways.  You are making a statement that you will study to show yourself approved by Him.  You are taking a leap of faith towards becoming a mature, stable believer that can influence others to join you on the journey of faith.

In phase I of your journey you experienced Jesus as Savior, Deliverer and Healer.  In Phase II you are going to discover Him as the cornerstone of your faith, the Rock on which everything else is built.  It’s going to be a time of instruction and challenge, of learning and doing.  Jesus is the Rock of your faith and on Him you will build a firm foundation that will last for eternity.