“I will make you fishers of men”

Attending New Testament Temple promises to take you on a journey to Christian maturity. When Jesus called you to be his disciple, he said to you, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” This means that those who follow Jesus are being recruited to help save the lost that are drowning in a sea of sin. Our aim here at NTT is to prepare you to become an effective minister for Jesus.

The motto for our church is “Growth through Joyful Service.” Jesus said, if we bring forth fruit our joy will be full. Jesus equips us by the Holy Spirit with spiritual gifts to make us fishers of men.

As a member of this church you will come to discover your spiritual gifting which will help you find your place in ministry and joyful service for the Lord.

The mission of NTT is G.R.O.W.T.H. G is for Glorifying God. It means cultivating Christ centered, God focused, Spirit filled worship services where God is glorified in place of self. R stands for Religious Life and refers to Holy and charitable family fellowship with quality pastoral care. O is for Outreach Evangelism. We aspire to fulfill Jesus’ will to make us fishers of men. W is for world missions. Jesus said, go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. This too is our mission. T stands for Training Disciples. In order for us to help you become what Jesus called us to be, we provide training and equipping programs to make you a good disciple. H is for Hospitality. Our church aims to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all people.
As you begin this exciting journey of Life in Christ at New Testament Temple, we provide a twelve step program to guide your journey to Christian maturity. In steps 1-4, we minister to you. In steps 5-6, we guide you as you are being connected into the fellowship of the church family. In steps 7-9, you receive training and equipping for ministry. In steps 10-11, you serve others. In step 12, your growth continues into various aspects of leadership.

Each ministry is led by a F.I.S.H.-ing Team. Each letter of the acronym represents a different role within the ministry. F = Feeders (Nurturers), I = Intercessors, S = Sponsors, and H = Harvesters. These teams are composed of the individuals with ministry gifts such as teaching, prophecy, exhortation, pastoring, showing mercy, giving, evangelism, administration, etc. You also have one of these gifts, and at NTT you will surely find a place to exercise the gifts that the Holy Spirit has placed in you.

Welcome into the family of God at New Testament Temple Church of God.