The Church of God is one family drawn from peoples of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  None is more important or better than the other.  The mandate of our hospitality vision is to love all people as Christ loves the entire world.  To that end we regard it as very important to the growth of our church that we at New Testament Temple make hospitality a priority.

We endeavor to fulfill this by extending a warm and heartfelt welcome to all persons seeking to enter our church and community.  It makes no difference whether a person is a saint or a sinner.  All are welcome!

Additionally, we endeavor to create an atmosphere wherein all can feel like a member of the family.  Our programming abounds with fellowship times in a joyous environment wherein no effort is spared to welcome and please our visitors and new comers.

Here at New Testament Temple we regard hospitality as the essential key to evangelism and church growth.  So, beloved let us love one another.